Frequently asked questions and answers

What should I do in case of lost keys equipped with SaveKey pendant? Should I contact you?

There is no point to contact us immediately after the loss! Once the keys are delivered to us, you will be informed with NO DELAY!

Do I get back the lost keys which are not equipped with Savekey pendant?

No, unfortunately SaveKey service can only recover the keys marked by our pendant.

How long does it take to get keys back?

If the keys are immediately found and thrown into the mailbox in the Czech Republic, you may have it back IN THREE DAYS!

What happens if I lose the key in a foreign country?

This service is available in all EU countries; therefore you have a good chance to get your lost keys back. Obviously, just in case you have not forgotten to register your SaveKey pendant.

Is there any charge for sending the keys back to the owner?

No, delivery is completely FREE OF CHARGE! You will get your keys in form of insured letter.

What if the keys will not be found? Can I reclaim money associated with the operation of this service?

In the case that your keys have not been found and successfully delivered on the address of SaveKey Company, we do not bear responsibility and you have no right to reclaim expenses associated with operation of services or any compensation for inconvenience from the loss of your keys.

What is the success rate of this service in our country and abroad?

In Czech Republic, this service operates only since the mid-2010, so we do not have the statistic yet, but in EU countries, the success rate is around 97%.

I have lost my shopping token, do I get a replacement?

Yes, of course. Please, inform us by email and we will send you a new one.

I have registered into SaveKey system by attached card, which was sent back to your address. How can I be sure that you have received registration information?

In the case of registration by attached card, you must wait until the moment when we will inform you about your successful registration. Please, do not forget to fill in your e-mail address or contact phone number. However, we still strongly recommend an online registration to all our customers. You can do that online on website! Confirmation of successful registration will be sent on your email immediately.

I have successfully registered SaveKey pendant. How long can I use this service?

This service is valid for 5 years from the moment of registration. You will be notified and ask for extension before the expiration date

How do I find out the expiration date of my SaveKey pendant?

Simply write down the unique 6 code number of your Savekey pendant and send it to us in email, we will inform you about pendant validity as soon as possible.

Do I have to ask for a new pendant after 5 years period?

No, you can continue to use your pendant, just the extension is needed!

How much does extension cost, for how long does it last and how do I apply?

Extension of the pendant is valid for next 5 years and it can be done on our website Price for the next 5-year period is 190, - CZK inc. VAT. Online extension requests will be managed with priority.

What happens when the extension was not done, but I will continue to use my pendant?

If you won’t extend pendant validity, your personal information will be deleted from our system after one year. In case of key loss, which was equipped with unregistered pendant, we will not be able to indentify an owner and the keys will be destroyed in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of SaveKey Company E-Shop.

What is the SaveKey pendant made from, is it a durable material? Is it possible that unique 6 code number won’t be readable after 5 years?

No. SaveKey pendant is made of stainless steel with an anti-allergic adjustment. ID number is applied by laser technology and is consistently readable.

How can I adjust the personal information in case I change e-mail, phone number etc...?

Registration information can be changed only by an authorized person from SaveKey Company, who will contact you after your request. Request for changing your data can be made by email or by telephone. An authorized person from SaveKey company will verified the authenticity of your SaveKey pendant trough the registration number. Your identity will be verified as well trough several personal question.

What happens if someone has the same ID number as me?

It is not possible, because every pendant has an engraved unique 6code number.

Is it possible to attach a pendant to objects other than the keys (handbag, phone, wallet ...)?

Unfortunately not, this service can be used only in the case of a key loss (keys from the apartment, house, office, private and company car etc...).

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