About the SaveKey Project

SaveKey is a unique system which will return lost and re-found keys back to his owner. It will spare you from inconvenience and financial expenses associated with the loss of house, car or office keys. The system is simple enough. Person who will find the key equipped with our pendant will drop it into any mailbox located in the Czech Republic. These keys will be delivered to SeveKey Company. In accordance with initial pendant registration we can identify the right owner and return the keys immediately.

This newly established service in the Czech Republic was based on hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers in neighboring EU countries, where it has existed since 1977.

Buy and register your SaveKey pendant

By purchasing and registering SaveKey pendant you activate the 3years using period. The price for pendant is therefore a price for five year long service which in case of loss will provide recovery of your keys! Each pendant is marked with its unique 6-digit code, which after the registration serves to find its real owner!

After you have pinned your keys and pendant together, it is necessary to register your SaveKey pendant as soon as possible.You can do that by email or by attached card which is part of every purchased package. After your registration has been done, we will store your unique 6-digit code along with your personal information into SaveKey database. This information will be accessible only to a narrow circle of our employees. However, due to better security we recommend registering not under your home address, but under office or different residence address, for example parents, grandparents, etc. – but it is not required, the choice is yours.

We highly recommend online registration of your SaveKey pendant through our website! Confirmation of successful registration will be immediately sent by email.

In the case of using attached registration card you must wait until we will inform you about successful registration. Please, do not forget to fill in your e-mail address or contact phone number.

By purchasing and registering SaveKey pendant you activate the 3year using period, therefore registration is FREE!

The service is valid for 3 years from the moment you register your SaveKey pendant. However we will always inform you just before the expiration with possibility to prolog the contract.

Prolongation is valid for another 5 years for only 190, - CZK inc. VAT. Extension requests via email will be managed with priority.

Loss of keys equipped by SaveKey pendant

If you lose your keys equipped by SaveKey pendant and the finder will drop it into any mailbox (or any post office) according to the instructions on the pendant, the keys will be delivered in accordance with mutual agreement by Czech Post office to SaveKey Company address.

The company is obliged to inform you about found keys as soon as possible. We will use the data provided by you during registration and the keys will be sent to you free of charge in form of an insured letter.

In the case that your keys has not been found and successfully delivered to SaveKey Company, we do not bear responsibility and you are not eligible to receive any refund for services or compensation for inconvenience associated with the loss of your keys.

Success rate of the service abroad is around 97% (Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, and Norway), that’s why there is a high probability that the key you have lost, will be delivered back to you! Due to recent implementation of this service into Czech market, we do not have local statistic yet..

After you have pinned pendant with your keys and registered into SaveKey system, the service will be activated. Our service will get you your lost keys back. Quickly, reliably, with respect for your privacy!

SaveKey pendant is a sophisticated guard which takes care about your keys and helps to get your lost keys back!

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