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The price for pendant is actually a price for five year long service, but you can always extend the period for another five years, for the price of CZK 190.


SaveKey pendant

1 pc290 Kčks290 Kč/ks
2 pcs580 Kčks290 Kč/ks
3 + 1 pc FREE870 Kčks218 Kč/ks
4 + 2 pcs FREE1160 Kčks193 Kč/ks
5 + 3 pcs FREE1450 Kčks181 Kč/ks
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SaveKey pendant is a great and very original gift, which will spare you from the stress and inconvenience associated with the loss of your keys! Check the PROMO ACTION!!

Great gift, not only for the children! The price is not higher than 58 CZK per year.